Saas Agreement Pitfalls

Don`t focus on the software, focus on the service. In fact, you don`t need to mention the software at all in agreement (who knows if your SaaS-based voice recognition technology is cool software, or only a few people in a call center somewhere?). Before entering into a saaS contract, check the contract with a competent business lawyer. Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC, can verify the agreement to ensure it meets your needs and does not contain unexpected or costly fees. We can propose changes that we feel are necessary and negotiate the agreement with the service provider. If there is a disagreement after the agreement has been implemented, we can defend your position. Call a lawyer in Houston today at Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC at (713) 352-0847 or contact the online office to verify your saaS agreements. A well-developed and well-negotiated agreement is important for SaaS`s thriving business and experience, both for suppliers and users. Feel free to send us a message so we can treat it for you. SaaS offers promising benefits for businesses. It is accessible, versatile and customizable for users. SaaS, however, has its pitfalls and these should be considered in particular according to the needs of the company. The use of this service is not for everyone, and people looking for SaaS solutions should re-evaluate the options before continuing with this type of service.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is of great utility to businesses because it allows companies to store software remotely so that computers on the customer`s side can access it without the need for a complete I.T. infrastructure. If you run a company that often contracts with SaaS suppliers, make sure the SaaS agreement benefits your interests and not just the service provider`s interests. Hiring an experienced business lawyer to review a SaaS agreement and, if necessary, propose changes, can help avoid potential pitfalls. The « software license » refers to the general terms and conditions for the sale of software installed on site, either in the form of a download or installation by an integrator. As a result, the risks are more limited than those that may exist under a SaaS application, as the vendor retains control of the software and data to be processed. However, the pitfalls exist. Among these, for example, it is necessary to examine the following ten points: it is customary to have documents with several authors and editors. Not only does this lengthen the review, negotiation and approval process, but it could also lead to the cancellation of the SaaS agreement. Make things easier and faster by involving only key people, especially those with the necessary negotiating knowledge and the power to conclude the agreement. If you are licensed, you first want to ensure that compensation is not just a temporary provision until the end of the original agreement.

You can use z.B software for a specified period of compensation without any problems, just so that the license agreement expires. If the compensation clause applies only to this initial clause of the licensing agreement and you were to be suddenly sued IP after the due date, you may not have recourse against the licensee. So make sure that the compensation goes beyond your original contract. In most cases, SaaS service providers will provide their customers with a « button » that will allow them to sign up with very little trouble for the software services of a SaaS service provider. A SaaS service provider will make its use and conditioning clauses available to potential customers, but most of the time, people cannot bother to read these long, drawn clauses and, as a rule, click on the agreement without really thinking about what they are right for. When it comes to trade agreements, a key element, which is often included, is a compensation provision.