Sudbury Housing Lease Agreement

Sherry Jordan, vice-president of the Sudbury Landlords Association, says the changes to the Housing Act, which now allows homeowners to take all arrears to the landlords` court, will be a step in the right direction. « If you look at the bill combined with the affordable housing crisis and the pandemic, you really see things that cause serious concern for tenants, » says Daina Majid, a lawyer with the Ontario Advocate Centre. The federal government is purchasing a former RCMP station in Sudbury to make it affordable housing units. « Many tenants are afraid (it) will be a quick way for evictions, because repayment plans that pass outside LTB do not come with the supports you would normally find on the board of directors, such as access to tenant tax advisors and a mediator who explains the conditions in the agreement and the consequences of these conditions » Majid said. « We don`t recommend that people sign refund agreements with their owners, » Woolnough said. « That doesn`t mean you can`t really pay off your landlord — there`s nothing to stop you from doing that — but these agreements put you in danger of being evicted without explaining the possibility. » The city plans to transform the building into a 14-unit apartment complex, which will be made available to those on the waiting list for social housing. Rents will be maintained at least half the average market rent for the City of Greater Sudbury for at least 55 years, the statement said. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation says the average market rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city, was from October 2019, was $1,000 per month. The Canadian Mortgage Corporation has released its annual rental market report and it appears that the figures in Sudbury are relatively unchanged. Future changes to the country`s housing law could make it easier for landlords to recover rent or fees for damage to tenants, but critics say the bill does little to ensure that small rental businesses have enough money to do so through the pandemic. The new building is being built to passive house specifications, maximizing the building`s energy efficiency to consume up to 90 percent less heating and cooling energy than traditional buildings, the federal government said in a statement.