All Of The Following Is True Of The General Agreement On Tariffs And Trade Except Quizlet

(3) Accordingly, the Contracting Parties should endeavour to avoid the use of export subsidies on primary products. However, where a Contracting Party grants, directly or indirectly, a form of subsidy which contributes to increasing the export of a primary product out of its territory, that subsidy may not be applied in such a way that that Party has a fairer share in world export trade in that product, taking into account the shares of the Contracting Parties in trade in the product during an earlier representative period: nd; (b) in the case of import restrictions involving the fixing of quotas, the Contracting Party applying the restrictions shall publicly inform thereof of the total quantity or value of the product or products which may be imported in a given future period, as well as any change in that quantity or value. deliveries of the product in question which were circulating at the time of the public procurement notice shall not be excluded from importation; whether they can be taken into account as far as possible, on the quantity that can be imported during the period concerned and, if necessary, on the quantities that can be imported in subsequent periods; and, in addition, on the condition that a Contracting Party, when exempting from such restrictions, for a period of thirty days from the date of this Communication, products which are normally transferred to the tax service through the tax service through the tax service or withdrawn from the warehouse through the tax service, shall be deemed to be fully compatible with this subparagraph. 1. (a) Each Party undertakes that, when establishing or maintaining a State enterprise wherever it is established or granting an enterprise formal or effectively exclusive or special privileges*, it will act in its purchases or sales, either with respect to imports or exports, in a manner that respects the non-discriminatory treatment of imports or exports imposed by this Agreement for State measures private economic operators They are planned. 1. The Parties shall endeavour to cooperate with the International Monetary Fund so that the Parties and the Fund can pursue a coordinated exchange rate policy under the jurisdiction of the Fund and matters relating to quantitative restrictions and other trade measures within the competence of the Parties. (c) The Contracting Parties, in agreement with the International Monetary Fund, shall establish rules for the conversion of currencies by the Contracting Parties, for which several exchange rates shall be maintained in accordance with the Articles of the Agreement of the International Monetary Fund. .