Employee Housing Allowance Agreement

In short, to recreate a housing allowance policy from scratch: two weeks ago, the company wrote to me that it would no longer be able to pay the housing allowance. I was told to agree or take a plane ticket home. We had already agreed to keep my visa until December, but now they say they would cancel it if I don`t agree with their terms. I have two children and my whole family is here. I want to find a job and continue my life here in the United Arab Emirates. Does my company have an obligation to pay me the housing allowance until I find a job? A company may have its own rule that when a young employee lives with his parents, it is not entitled to the allowance. This could also be the case where the housing allowance is granted, for example, as reimbursement when submitting a rental agreement. If your company decides to help employees who want to buy their primary residence, you can choose to agree on an employee credit policy – it is better than changing the housing allowance. But I think this should apply to employees from all countries, including the company`s headquarters/ »home country. » Summary excluded from the decision on such a policy. In addition to all the above points « We can take into account the availability / request of the staff to determine the maximum amount of rent for the apartment.

It is best to determine a certain percentage as part of the salary or take some accessories to be offered as housing. « The workers then decide for themselves the quality of the allowance paid, whether or not. In fact, it can be one of the best storage tools. A small organization would probably be better served if it created stipends for a broad job category such as Blue Collar/Staff/Manager/Executives….