Hr Airline Agreement

« By entering into an HR-169 agreement with Hahn Air, airlines that have already entered into at least one GDS agreement can open secondary markets for the indirect sale of tickets. Airlines without GDS connections can outsource their full indirect distribution to Hahn Air Systems and provide their flights under the H1 code in all common GDS. Finally, airlines looking for a sophisticated and truly global distribution strategy can combine the two solutions by establishing a dual partnership with Hahn Air. This will allow them to strategically fill distribution gaps with H1-Air, while using hr-169 the potential of both primary and secondary markets. As an international carrier and member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Hahn Air Lines regularly operates domestic and international scheduled and charter flights with state-of-the-art Cessna Business Jets. The company`s core business is a ticketing solution that allows travel agencies to access airlines through computerized reservation systems and allow them to issue on the Hahn Air HR-169 document. Hahn Air has introduced other products in the coming years, including securtix[7] extended insolvency insurance and e-alliance distribution product (H1-Air) [8] for airlines without GDS or limited connectivity. She also opened The Aircraft at the Burghof, the training and event venue in Dreieich, which must look like an airplane. [9] Under the name speed-alliance (5W-Rail&Shuttle), a distribution solution for rail and shuttle partners has started. The first rail partner was the Austrian WESTbahn, followed by the Spanish rail operator RENFE[10] in the summer of 2013. The Italian railway company NTV joined in 2014.

In 2012, Hahn Air founded the Hahn Air Foundation. It provides financial support to social projects around the world, especially initiatives focused on disadvantaged women and children. HR Ventures, the venture capital company of Hahn Air Group, was founded in the same year. It offers early investments in disruptive technologies and scalable business models. Hahn Air Systems has no flights between Tokyo and Bangkok. You can issue tickets with your ticketing code for flights with other airlines. In fact, it`s their real deal. Meals are prepared with a unique culinary experience that suits your tastes and desires. Meals like soda, sushi, seafood or sandwiches are served as soon as the flight has taken off and the plane is in the air. Hahn Air`s jets are equipped with an in-flight entertainment system that allows you to listen to your music or watch movies. Passengers can also call via the airline`s satellite phone. Hahn Air was founded in 1994 as a German domestic airline.

[2] [3] The original base was the former US military airport in Hahn (now Frankfurt Hahn Airport), from which the company`s name comes. In 1997, Hahn Air joined its first billing and billing plan (PNB) in Germany. .