Sabre Termination Distribution Agreement With The Lufthansa Group Airlines

The lack of an extension reflects Lufthansa`s desire to sell directly – although Lufthansa Skift has indicated that it wants to repeat that Sabre had terminated the deal, not the airline group. The entry is very simple, and you can activate new airlines with one click, without changing your code or retraining your staff – for example, you can start with the Lufthansa Group and then call on British Airways when you are ready. We give you access to the best fares and ancillary services of these airlines and drive them in an API and an agent booking tool. Lufthansa Group has distributed a statement to its business partners informing it that GDS Sabre has terminated its distribution agreement with the Airline Group with effect from 30 June. In these times of uncertainty, it is important for us to inform you in a timely and transparent manner of current developments. Today we would like to announce that GDS Sabre (1S) has terminated the distribution contract with the airlines of the Lufthansa Group (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and Brussels Airlines) with effect from 30 June 2020. This cessation also concerns the GDS Abacus (1B). The group, which includes Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines, informed travel agencies by email of the termination, which also affects those associated with Abacus purchased by Sabre in 2015. Club Travel franchise director Jo Fraser told Travel News that she understands the deal between the two parties still has to end on June 30.

« The latest update we received from Sabre is that negotiations on the new contract are still ongoing and are going well, » Jo said. Lufthansa Group told its travel agency partners on Tuesday that their fares will soon be removed from the global Sabre distribution system. « Sabre continues to advocate for GDS agreements that meet the unique needs of our airline customers while balancing the needs of travel buyers who rely on Sabre for robust travel content. » What does this mean and what options are available to travel sellers who use Sabre and still want to sell flights from these companies to their customers? Termination affects all group airlines, including Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and Brussels Airlines….